Exhibition – Robert Blomfield: Student of Light (University of Edinburgh)

Exhibition, University of Edinburgh Main Library, 6th May – 1st October 2022
Robert Blomfield: Student of Light

Header image – Forth Road Bridge, through telescope, 1965 © Estate of Robert Blomfield

The beauty of street photography unfolds over time as it unerringly becomes a documentation of social history. Capturing lifestyles, fashions and general day to day living, a picture can give so much more detail than a textbook, and this newly curated exhibition does just that. Details from the press release below.

‘Spellbinding images that capture a city in the midst of momentous change are to be exhibited for the first time. Scenes of Edinburgh in the 1950s and 60s, taken by acclaimed street photographer Robert Blomfield, will go on display at the university where he studied and honed his artistic talent.

Robert Blomfield: Student of Light will be the first presentation of the late photographer’s work since a blockbuster show at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre four years ago. Blomfield was completely unknown prior to the 2018 show, but the beauty and significance of his work immediately struck chords. Now an exhibition at the University of Edinburgh – the first to feature his colour photography – looks set to enhance his blossoming reputation.

© Estate of Robert Blomfield

The show, in the university’s Main Library, will have a particular focus on Blomfield’s time as a student. The exhibition also showcases some of Blomfield’s camera equipment, including lenses, enlargers, filters and an astronomical telescope used to achieve far depths of field.

Blomfield came to Edinburgh to study medicine in 1956 and found himself in a city full of light and shadow, and a university bursting with post-war enthusiasm and vigour. He took a camera with him almost everywhere, even into class, producing shots of lectures, labs and student life that are unique in their access and their composition’.

Robert Blomfield: Student of Light will be on display at the University of Edinburgh from 6th May until 1st October 2022

Main Library, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LJ
Opening times: Mon – Sat 10 – 4 

Photos and details above reproduced with permission from the University of Edinburgh’s press office.

11th May 2022