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Keston Cobblers Club – Lullaby for the Wide Awake

Any of us who’ve suffered with insomnia will understand the toll it can take. However, instead of hopelessly watching the minutes turn to hours or checking out bargain jewellery on late night shopping channels, Julia Lowe turned the moment towards creativity, writing the band’s new single Lullaby for the Wide Awake in the early hours of just one such morning.

Folk-filled vocals backed with an almost orchestral undertone, the track is haunting, compelling and uncomplicated in its delivery but far from simply constructed. Less is more as the saying goes, and the understated quality in the production is what takes things to a new level for the band here.

Things bode well for pending album Alchemy, due for release on 22nd April, and you catch them on UK tour dates throughout April and May. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the music – sweet dreams…

Keston Cobblers Club


Words by Siobhan

6th April 2022