New Music – Ellie James | English Teacher

New releases – Ellie James | English Teacher

Ellie James – Uncomfortable

In shifting from previous persona Little Rêd, Ellie James returns with single Uncomfortable, a reflective track that bursts with poignancy and individual hope.

Beginning with tones that draw out her lyrics further into thought, it isn’t long before James’ track picks up the pace: added drums and a new guitar rhythm both give a heartbeat to the track, before dissolving into their own journeys, unfolding the aural landscape. It’s not unlike the music video (one that, like Divorce’s, comes from Clump Collective) which sees James near-motionless in a lift, as various and increasingly disruptive people take up her space.

While certainly provoking the title of Uncomfortable in the video, the song’s instrumentation is anything but, adding extra flavours of emotion to her simmering thoughts.


English Teacher – Mental Maths

English Teacher’s last drop before debut EP Polyawkward,  Mental Maths once again shows the band’s hefty unpredictability, broadening the scope of their music into old school rock/metal and a cheeky bit of math rock for good measure.

Lily Fontaine’s lyrics, as usual, help deliver their own tales that provoke the need to pause and just take in: like, who am I, when I’m outside (outside)? Simply aided at first by the band’s post-punk waltz, the chorus shows the separation into one of their signature charms of instrumentation that washes ears with waves on waves of shifting rhythms, that somehow keep the band synced but separately unique.

One for the crowds (especially with a chaotic pumping 5/4 bridge), English Teacher are somehow amping up even further hype for both their EP and first headline tour.


Words by Jacob Rose

4th April 2022