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Honeyglaze – Female Lead

Released on International Women’s Day, Honeyglaze’s Female Lead finds time to tell a light tale of hair dye, that underlyingly holds both lyrical reflection and a display of the band’s talent.

The key feature of Female Lead seemingly lies in vocalist Anouska Sokolow, delivering some stellar lines including the rhyme of ‘Madonna’ with ‘80’s Horror’ – a work of absolute genius. Her performance was influenced by the Shangri-Las and ‘narrative heavy pop songs that were coming out of the Brill building during the 60s’: a feature that adds a transcendental quality to the track, as it blends a deliberate vocal and temporal energy of that era with the sombre indie of both guitarists’ nicely attributing melodies (itself influenced by the same time, but usually without the appreciation that Honeyglaze openly show).

With only roughly a month to go before the release of their debut album, and with stellar tracks like Female Lead and Shadows behind them, Honeyglaze are clearly gearing for greatness.

Honeyglaze – self-titled debut album due for release on 29th April 2022
via Speedy Wunderground

Words by Jacob Rose
Photo by Holly Whitaker

21st March 2022