International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day, 8th March 2022

International Women’s Day calls for all of us to
– Celebrate women’s achievement
– Raise awareness against bias
– Take action for equality

For this year’s IWD, we’ve gathered together photos of inspirational women taken by amazing women photographers; we hope you’ll enjoy looking through the images and check out more of everyone’s work.

Today’s feature is dedicated to Jennifer’s mom, Fran.
(header photo and below)


Jennifer Mullins 

Photographer, Phoenix

This is a photo I took of my mom, who died on January 23, 2022, from a once-in-a-lifetime trip that we took to Hawaii in July 2015. I always loved photographing her when she didn’t know I was doing it. I would often catch her in a reflective pose. I have this photo hanging on my wall. It’s been a sad time, but I feel this is a way to honor her.

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Cath Dupuy

I’m Cath Dupuy, a music photographer from SE London. I didn’t start shooting music until well into my 50s, though been going to gigs since I was 15! It’s good to see more women in the pit now, even if I am the oldest.

Grace Jones

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Gosia at Nettlespie Photography

My name is Gosia aka Nettlespie Photography, originally Polish, based in the north west. Music photography is my absolute love and catching a glimpse of the artist’s energy and the feel of the moment is what it’s all about for me!

Lowes at Reading & Leeds Festival



Samantha Quinn Photography

Photographer, Northern Ireland 

I’m Samantha, a wedding photographer who used to specialise in gig photography!

Kelli & Rachel had the most beautiful intimate day in a gorgeous Georgian house during the first Covid lockdown. They knocked it out of the park!

I had the privilege of capturing this absolute badass of a bride who had the most perfect home wedding with a stunning Victorian twist.

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Kaza Black Photography 

Photographer, Melbourne

Adalita – an inspiration to me, who fronted a band in the 90s which was rare at the time, and continues to do so in a male dominated industry. Adalita continues to front Magic Dirt as well as her solid solo career. This photo was taken at the Reclink Community Cup 2019.

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Amelia Jones – inkblots

Amelia Jones (inkblots) – a photographer, filmmaker and motion graphics editor from the North West, based in Manchester, England and specialising in portraits, gig and concert photography and videography.

My Mum captured on 35mm film

My friend Jess playing YES last year

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Mia ‘Jean’ Tolley 

Photographer, Exeter

I’m a commercial photography student who likes to explore her own sexuality and femininity through her work. This image doesn’t have a solid story, other than it was part of a project exploring women’s body image throughout the fashion industry.



Maddie Drake 

I’m a student taking pictures at gigs all around the city (Manchester) mostly just to see live music for free. The photoset is of Talie of the Red Stains, headlining at Castle Hotel in December 2021.


Anya Weston-Shaw 

Photographer, north west

A large volume of female musicians inspire me to use my camera and feel good in myself. Ellie Rowsell. She inspired me to capture the world’s beauty. This shows you Wolf Alice as if you were looking through my eyes.

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Alex Curran

My name is Alex Curran. I am a music and event photographer based in Dublin. I have experience in live performance photography. I chose the image below as it captures the authentic emotion of the musician just before her performance. Her name is Rachel Mae Hannon.


Ingrid Turner

I’m Ingrid Turner, a Manchester based photographer. My passion for taking pictures began with street photography, catching poignant moments and chance encounters, and this background is reflected in my event and charity photography. I love capturing intimate, special moments that take place when people connect.

A woman supporting the Together With Refugees Rally in Oct 2021. She looked really serene and kind.

A dancer rehearsing

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Rachel Wonders

My name is Rachel Wonders and I am a music photographer based in London & The North West. My style is very soft, feminine and ethereal and I view my practice as an art form as opposed to something more documentary. This is a photo of Foxes at the Islington Assembly Hall shot for Square One Magazine.



Hannah Mesquitta Photography

Hannah Mesquitta – photographer from Portsmouth. Enjoys shooting live and landscape.

When I’m not snapping away, I’m either busy being a retail manager (my job) fussing my cat (or other people’s cats haha) adding to my ever growing houseplant collection or spending hours on Animal Crossing. 

Lauran Hibberd live

My friend Carrie

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Ange at Cobspix Photography

I’m a freelance gig photographer shooting bands around Greater Manchester for the last 4 years. This is Annabelle Zaychenko, lead singer for Circus 66, an upcoming rock band from Maidenhead. Annabelle delivers powerful soaring vocals and owns that stage. Go check them out!

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Jess Robinson

I’m Jess and I’m a photographer from Manchester. I’ve been taking shots of live music for a few years now and here is one of my favourites! The shot is of the wonderful Martha Phillips from The Elephant Trees.

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Siobhan at 16 Beasley St Photography

I’m Siobhan, I live on the Sussex coast and mostly shoot gigs, festivals and other events. I started Breaking Glass as a platform for my own and other like-minded people’s work. It’s amazing to have contributors from all around world.

Beth from brilliant Brighton band LibraLibra

Lifted by Mimbre

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It’s been a pleasure to put this feature together and celebrate a whole range of talent; huge thanks to all who have contributed. You can check out  more from each photographer on the links shown. All images are copyrighted by the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

Happy International Women’s Day 2022! See you back here next year – and keep the sentiment going every day between now and then…

8th March 2022