New Music – Fräulein

Fräulein – Drag Behind

Fräulein’s new single Drag Behind continues the duo’s streak of creating small fires with which to burn emotions on. 

The tune starts with an infectiously drab riff, one which as the track progresses, begins searing with the energy to go further, energy stopped perfectly by the bleak atmosphere of the tones created. This seems to go hand in hand with Joni Samuels’ lyrics, conveying the search to reach potential, until “your constant comparisons drag you down”.

Samuels’ voice brings an intricacy to the classic styles of post-punk singing, seen in the likes of influence PJ Harvey and equally Bristol-stemming contemporaries wych elm, with each lyric seemingly hiding a hidden emotion to decode, from playfulness to despair. Van der Tol’s drumming, too, can’t go unmentioned: capturing the perfect rhythm with which the track casts equal measures of fever and underlying gloom. 

With their style freshly evolving through the band’s London/lockdown era, it’ll be a despondent delight to see where they next take our ears. 



Words by Jacob Rose
Photo by Hannah Mason

4th March 2022