New Music – cheerbleederz

cheerbleederz – cute as hell

cute as hell is the latest from London punks cheerbleederz, a blast of nostalgic rock sprinkled with just the right amount to add a modern twist.

This dissonant spin is felt in the first few seconds of the track, as a guitar gently sears over a bass line that jumps right near the edges of easy listening. In the verse, the band come together in an image of desire dangled just above danger – the hell is definitely not to be left unseen, or even in jest, when it is followed with “I’m going to bash your brains out your skull”.

The track, as hinted with the music, always feels on the edge of chaos, on the edge of destruction, which keeps its pop-punk vibe immaculate, and it’s dips into the styx of aural and lyrical aesthetic.

Released on Valentine’s day, cheerbleederz have given the first of their lovely gifts, one of many to come in the build up to their album’s release in the summer.



Words by Jacob Rose

25th February 2022