New Music – Divorce

Divorce – Services

It’s hard to pick out a ‘best’ part of Divorce’s debut single Services. Is it the charm of their gorgeous split-scene music video, produced by Bristol superstars Clump Collective? Is it the already clear talent, seen through each member’s work in bands including Megatrain and Do Nothing? Is it the fact that I keep on getting the wrong results from searching “Divorce Services”? Or is it (almost definitely) the playfulness of it all, the collaboration of so many moving elements?

Maybe it’s even the music.

In a lot of ways, Services brings the feel (and joy) of some haunted carousel. Each tone brings its own purpose: a heavily pumping bass line to the dancing staccato of electric guitars; infectious drums twist the atmosphere effortlessly with a change of cymbals; and, of course, the vocals, bringing a quaint image amidst the building…macabrity?

The chorus brings even more to the table, pumping a pseudo-musical duet of melodrama, tainted perfectly with a harsh twist of discordance – all before returning to that quaint image with: “That’s where my miracle ends”.

A perfect summation of the engaging catastrophe, in cardboard flames and scorching tones, that sparks the beginning of Divorce’s well-earned existence.



Words by Jacob Rose
Photo © Aria Shahrokhshahi

2nd February 2022