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New releases – White Lies, Maida Rose

White Lies – Am I Really Going To Die

When it comes to singing about death, who can compete with White Lies? In the new single Am I Really Going To Die, the band jam between despondence and hope through scenes of medication and phenomenon.

After an introduction that would perfectly play as a hero rises to overcome defeat, the funk of White Lies’ new track kicks in. Each tone of the track dances in its own right: the bass intricately weaving between notes, the guitar adding its own percussion with syncopated chords and the anthemic rises of the keyboard especially. This, of course, helps back singer McVeigh’s upmarket character, transitioning between the stages of recognising his own mortality.

Considering this as the first of two songs discussing this narrative only boosts hope and anticipation for White Lies’ upcoming album in February, both to conclude the narrative and to deliver more of the band’s seminal style.

White Lies


Maida Rose – I Remember

Using almost exactly the same instruments and taking them in a completely softer direction, I Remember is the latest track from Maida Rose: a construction of a dreamy landscape that feels like it could last a lifetime (somehow without even taking up three minutes).

The main forces of the track come down to Maida Rose’s voice – a carefully melodic, tranquil presence, backed throughout by a synth that pulses, giving a lovely light weight to the building percussion. As soft guitars kick in (delightfully reminiscent to The Strokes’ Ode to the Mets), this universe expands, adding a rhythmic path with which to explore the landscape the group have audibly created.
In their ability to form beauty out of unchanging, yet ever present memories, Maida Rose form another piece of the puzzle of their upcoming album, sure to carry just as many dreamy tunes as I Remember.

Maida Rose


Words by Jacob Rose 
Photos: Maida Rose © White Lies © Charles Cave, Lin Bartraij

22nd January 2022