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SPINN – People Should Know Better

In their third single from their upcoming album Out of the Blue, SPINN continue their hot streak of colourful tunes with People Should Know Better, a demanding track that injects a bleak outlook on the modern day into a classic anthemic indie track. 

The music that surrounds the desolate landscape of Quinn’s lyrics is itself dreamy. It feels incredibly immersive, akin to the two previous singles: reverberated jangly riffs match an indie aesthetic with punchy bass and drums – the music feels full, never limited in its attempts to capture the ears of all listeners near. 

Labelled as a tale of the frustration Quinn feels towards the moral decline of Britain through their reliance on a “f**king sh**e” government, the lyrics expand past political commentary, instead beautifully portraying a public perspective – the mantra of “people should know better” both chantable and reflective of what we all want – a strange paradox of collectively wanting a change made to the collective. 

Fatigue runs through the track like poison – the demands of knowing better are a question that races alongside the exhaustion of trying to comprehend why they don’t. It’s mesmerising how such a devastating concept is captured in such an upbeat fashion, which leaves it playing on repeat (but keeps the message in mind throughout). 

Outside of the Blue is due for release on 4th February 2022 via Modern Sky UK – more from SPINN here

Words by Jacob Rose
Photo by Barnaby Fairley

10th December 2021