New Music – deep tan

deep tan – tamu’s yiffing refuge

tamu’s yiffing refuge, deep tan’s self proclaimed story of ‘furry lust’, is a tune that can feel difficult to comprehend, whilst still being a joy to play, over and over again, in trying to understand.

The pulsating bass and eclectic percussion, alongside the taunting chirps of guitars throughout the song, very suitably back the blend of deep, wavelike vocals  (“room 44, room 44”) with occasional playful calls (“Hey Steve!”). Lyrics bounce from fragment to fragment, forming a story full of humour and horror – potentially a domestic Lovecraftian tale, replacing Cthulhu with…Tamu.

If you don’t know what the word ‘yiff’ means, I would warn you from finding out. However, if you must experience this word, as well as the irrational effects that this knowledge will have on you, this is certainly the perfect musical – and visual, through a jarring accompanying video – definition.

deep tan | tamu’s yiffing refuge is out now via Speedy Wunderground

Words by Jacob Rose
Photo via Practise Music

28th October 2021