Lockdown and Out

How’s everyone doing out there? The removal of lockdown restrictions next week is leaving a lot of us with a mix of anticipation and fear. While I’m sure we all want our lives back, jumping out from the cotton wool wrapped cocoon we’ve been forced into feels quite scary now.

Whatever you’re thinking, and whatever feels right for you, please keep sight of the fact that not everybody is in the same boat. Some people are still waiting for their second vaccination, some are more vulnerable than others to health issues, or may be protecting someone close to them who’s in that position. If you feel comfortable heading to gigs and festivals, have a brilliant time, but please keep testing (before and after) and if anyone wants to keep their distance and carry on wearing a mask, be a good guy and respect their choices.

Stay safe, stay kind, and look after each other.

Words and photos by Siobhan

16th July 2021