New Music – The Pleasure Dome | Twin Pixie | Dick Dent | Fuzzy Lights

New releases – The Pleasure Dome, Twin Pixie, Dick Dent, Fuzzy Lights

The Pleasure Dome – Pretty Picture (single)

Pure punk vitality and pink jumpsuits, what’s not to love in this new track from The Pleasure Dome? Another tune blessed by the production touch of Theo Verney, Pretty Picture attacks the self-absorption that comes with obsessing over painting an unrealistic lifestyle on social media. Check out the video below and look out for live dates later in the year.

The Pleasure Dome
Twin Pixie – Firestarter (single)

Philadelphia based Twin Pixie bring synth driven pop mayhem to the table with latest track Firestarter. A hybrid of sweet vocals against an almost robotic rap, the duo come good on their assertion that “the song will make you want to thrash, scream, and dance”. Dip your toe into their world here; their debut album is due for release next year.

Twin Pixie

Dick Dent – Do You Mind If I Talk? (album)

Taking a softer, immersive trip to synth-land, Dick Dent’s new album Do You Mind If I Talk? is full of hazy tunes to take away your troubles. Hints of nostalgia abound as the title track brings to mind the melancholy of Tears for Fears while lead single Click of the Fingers would sit comfortably alongside Julian Cope’s angst and disquiet with the world. The album is out now and available digitally or on cassette via Dick’s new tape label Calathea. 

Dick Dent

Fuzzy Lights – Under the Waves (single)

With their second single from their pending album Burials, Fuzzy Lights take a look at the impact climate crisis is having on the sustainability of the oceans. Under the Waves mixes a dark, dramatic undertone with gentle folky vocals and layers of heavy guitars. Burials is released on 2nd July via Meadows and looks set to be an eclectic collection of distinctive and poignant songs. Music with a message; appropriate for the times we’re living in.

Fuzzy Lights

Words by Siobhan

Photos via Prescription PR (The Pleasure Dome © Jackie Palms), Twin Pixie, Dick Dent, Silver PR (Fuzzy Lights © Josie Harries)

28th May 2021