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New releases – Susan, Tashaki Miyaki, Bedrooms, deep tan

Susan – Hold Still (single)

Another simply beautiful track from Susan, Hold Still will make you catch your breath and absorb all that it offers. Released yesterday, the track is hypnotic, haunting and bursting with emotion. Really hoping there will be an opportunity to see them play live in the not too distant future.

Susan says of the song, “I wrote Hold Still after effortlessly falling in love with one of my friends. It’s a song for those of us who are never to be loved back. Those of us who don’t fit and those of us who want to. Hold Still is an identity of how I love; I love long, pathetically and fairly. I am going to wait for you, however long you need and know that you probably won’t need me at all. There are no metaphors here, just truth.”



Tashaki Miyaki – I Feel Fine (single)

Dark dream-pop from LA’s Tashaki Miyaki with this new track I Feel Fine. Vocally reminiscent of Mazzy Star and The Sundays, the song is beguiling and complimented by the cinematic feel of its accompanying video, a homage to vampire films of the past. The band have an album release, Castaway, due on 2nd July.

Vocalist Paige Stark explains how the track was a late addition to Castaway, “I wrote I Feel Fine at the beginning of Covid-19 unfolding and it felt like it belonged to the record. I said lots of the things my friends were saying to me about their lives, so it felt right to add it… I was inspired by the emotion of the Replacements song Unsatisfied and wanted to write my own ode to dissatisfaction. I always say I’m fine when it’s quite the contrary, so I started there and got more and more specific with each verse.”

Tashaki Miyaki


Bedrooms – Afterglow (EP)

Dublin band Bedrooms release their debut EP Afterglow this week, a collection of three tracks that showcase their sound perfectly, unassuming, understated but engaging and enchanting. When you’re still making a name for yourself and you can pull in production from the mighty Bill Ryder-Jones, the future’s looking pretty rosy.

The band say, “Through the Afterglow EP we wanted to put together a collection of songs we believed reflected our progression as musicians and songwriters from our earlier releases. We had aimed to release the EP in the late summer of 2020 but given the uncertainty of everything going on this past year, we kept pushing back and were perhaps waiting for some sort of perfect storm where we could gig again and have a launch night to showcase the tracks. It seemed like that was never going to happen, but ultimately, we needed to remind ourselves that we created something that we’re all proud of and didn’t want to sit on the songs for any longer.”



deep tan – hollow scene (single)

Post-punk trio deep tan have shared the final single from their upcoming debut EP creeping speedwells, due for release on 4th June. The band have built a solid reputation with their seemingly effortless mix of Portishead meets Elastica eclecticism, and look set to cement this with more new music and live dates in the pipeline.

The band explain, “hollow scene is about the feeling of having to move through life with a certain level of detachment in order to function. Gatekeeping empathy for the sake of an easy life, if you will. It’s a pretty draining business, though, and can make any real search for meaning feel futile. Meursault was wrong and he was right. Robert Smith, however, is always right.”

deep tan


Words by Siobhan

Photos via Susan, Silver PR, Prescription PR, Practise Music

30th April 2021