IWD 2021 – Sunflower Thieves

Building a reputation for tranquil tunes with haunting harmonies, Sunflower Thieves are without doubt on our wish list to see live when it’s safe to do so. A duo made up of Amy and Lily, the band have just released new single Don’t Mind the Weather, another accomplished feather in their musical cap. Its message is about finding the place you feel safe with the person who will keep you safe, something we can all relate to right now.

The track is available to stream now and will also be released on ​7” vinyl on ​19th March via Come Play With Me, pre-order here and listen/watch below.

As if this wasn’t keeping them busy enough, as part of our of International Women’s Day features, Amy and Lily have put together their top 10 tracks by female artists for us – check them out below; its a great selection and there might just be a new favourite in there for you too. As they say in time honoured tradition, here’s the list in no particular order…

I Know The End – Phoebe Bridgers
The lyrics just make us feel so many things, especially the second half, it’s hard to choose just one song by Phoebe but this is definitely up there.

More Like You – Orla Gartland
A new favourite of ours, we’ve been grooving to this one since it was released, and the video is boss.

Me & My Dog – Boygenius
Another one for the lyrics, we relate to this song so strongly we almost feel like we should have written it (we wish!)

Seventeen – Sharon Van Etten
Sharon is one of my favourite artists I’ve had the pleasure of working a gig for (Lily) and this song is just magic – we listen to this in the car a lot.

Number One Fan – MUNA
This song just makes us want to MOVE and it’s a great reminder to love yourself.

Heroes/Dying – Charli Adams
A song I wish I’d written (Amy) – this song carried me through a really difficult time and also really helped me fall in love with songwriting again after struggling to know what I wanted/needed to say for a while.

Shiver – Lucy Rose
One of the songs that has had the most impact on our songwriting – everything about it is just right and we’ve loved Lucy for a long time since.

Alaska – Maggie Rogers
A song that showed us how beautifully folk and pop could be blended, by a powerhouse gal who gives THE biggest live performance.

Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Carole King
Queen Carole – this will always always be a favourite and the most beautiful love song.

Everything I Wanted – Billie Eilish
We’re huge Billie fans, and her vocal is just so beautifully showcased in this song, without losing the hard edge her songs deliver so well.

What’s that – you’d love to listen to these songs all in one handy playlist? Well, happily the helpful elves have put this together just for you and they’ve added Don’t Mind the Weather for good measure… enjoy!

Sunflower Thieves: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Header shot © Alice Ashley

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9th March 2021