New Music – Palberta | Kiwi Jr | Cowgirl | Tarah Who?

Montage of 4 pictures - band shot of Palberta sitting on the floor, album cover for Kiwi Jr (band name in black and white lettering), cassette version of Cowgirl single and band shot of Tarah Who leaning on railings

New releases – Palberta, Kiwi Jr, Cowgirl, Tarah Who?

Palberta – Palberta5000 (album)

New York three-piece Palberta still have a foot firmly in their post-punk roots, but their latest offering is laced with added pop harmonies and feel-good riffs. The longest track comes in at close to 5 minutes, the shortest squeezed into just 18 seconds, and each song flips into new territory seamlessly. There’s a very raw quality to the sound that can only be made by a band who are anything but raw in their talent. Comparisons with 70s’ underground heroes The Raincoats are not unjustified and fans of Menace Beach may just find the intricate layers of sound right up their slightly surreal street. Go on, have a listen, you deserve a little fun right now.

Palberta5000 is out today on Wharf Cat Records



Kiwi Jr – Cooler Returns (album)

Canada’s Kiwi Jr are back with more charming lo-if indie tales on their new album Cooler Returns. Laid back and with an undercurrent of dry humour, the band saunter through the perils of Undecided Voters and being Only Here For a Haircut. If a young Michael Stipe were to tone down the anger of The Pixies, it might well sound a little like this. The record is a pleasing listen from start to finish and generates involuntary smiles with its askance look at the world. A dash of panache amid the weariness of the pandemic could be just what the doctor ordered.

Cooler Returns is released today on Sub Pop

Kiwi Jr


Cowgirl – (single)

Independent York label Safe Suburban Home Records have spent a chunk of lockdown helping artists to keep putting out music while sharing their love of physical releases. Their latest output comes from local fuzz rock ‘n’ rollers Cowgirl, with a cassette release of loud and proud single Caroline. Slamming straight into a wall of guitars, Cowgirl could be the sons of Dinosaur Junior (Dinosaur Junior Junior?) on a day trip out with the Mary Chain’s Reid brothers. Seemingly they have a treasure trove of unheard tracks stashed away just waiting for future release; nice to have something to look forward to, and the other acts featured on the label are worth a listen too.

Caroline is out today on Safe Suburban Home Records


Tarah Who – Swallow that Pill (single)

Hailing from LA, Tarah Who? form a power duo ready to take on the world with their unapologetically frenetic tunes turned up to the max. New single Swallow that Pill takes no prisoners and comes complete with a demolition-happy video. The track reminds me a tad of Department S’s defining piece Is Vic There?, but perhaps if it had been wrung through a grunge-tipped mangle first. One to sit up and pay attention to.

Swallow that Pill is released today

Tarah Who?


Words by Siobhan
Photos via Hive Mind PR, Prescription PR, Safe Suburban Home Records, Under the Moon PR

22nd January 2021