Breaking Glass Magazine – October 2020

Breaking Glass Magazine – October 2020

Cover image: Megan © 16 Beasley St Photography

October 2020 sees Breaking Glass hit its second birthday – enormous thanks to everyone who has contributed over the last two years; it’s genuinely been a pleasure and privilege to have all your talent on board. As a new feature, we’re introducing cover images to head up the website for each month; if you’re a photographer and think you have an idea for an image that might work, drop us an email to discuss. As this is web rather than print based, the picture needs to be landscape format, have enough background space for text, as above, and should fit with the month, season or something topical.

This year has been a challenge for sure and I’ve loved all the In Lockdown features that offered a personal insight through photos into the impact on people’s lives. It’s heartening to see exhibitions opening and, after a long absence, it looks as though live music and performance are edging their way back into existence, albeit in a slightly different form. Here’s hoping that the music community will be able to pick up again soon, despite the ongoing and highly short-sighted lack of government backing. Keep supporting artists and venues where you can, stay safe and please wear a mask.

Words and photo © Siobhan, Editor

1st October 2020