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New releases – Beach Riot, In Earnest

Beach Riot – Wrong Impression (single)

Proving to be another great signing for Alcopop!, Beach Riot’s latest offering brings not just music but retro gaming skills to the table. Wrong Impression showcases the band’s trademark mix of fuzzy grunge and new wave harmonies, a suggestion of what might happen if their Brighton neighbours Blood Red Shoes and Demob Happy were poured into the melting pot.

The single is released alongside a specially designed retro style Instagram filter arcade game. To play along, search ‘CATNIP 3000’ on Instagram filters and share your high scores with the band. Not only do you get to fly a spaceship but there’s a prize up for grabs for the record-breaker, details to follow but it probably won’t be a spaceship.

Commenting on the new track, the band say: ’Imagine that you had the chance to go back in time to tell your younger self that you turned out alright. You’d do it, right? You’d give your old self some much needed advice and encouragement, and then be on your way? As we can’t go back in time, maybe take a moment. Next time you catch yourself in a reflection let yourself know it’s gonna be OK now. Love yourself’.

The only beach riot you should be involved in right now, Wrong Impression is released via Alcopop! Records.

Beach Riot


In Earnest – Come Upstairs (single)

In Earnest continue to tackle the reality of living with mental health issues in a very honest, uncomplicated way. The Southend trio are made up of Sarah (vox, keys), Thomas (vox, guitar) and Toby (violin, guitar) and together they create music that manages to be delicate and reassuring at the same time. New single Come Upstairs is the epitome of this.

Written from Thomas’s perspective, as he urges Sarah not to give up hope, he says, ‘In the wake of my partner’s mental health struggles, it feels like I spend every waking moment trying to keep a brave or positive face on and there are times when I find it difficult to maintain my own identity. We’re gradually learning how to combat negative thinking, but I’m usually the one who takes the weight and pulls her out of waves of depression.’

The track has a feel of Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris and addresses a situation that many people will recognise and empathise with; a reminder that there’s always someone there to talk to and keep things at a level that feels ok.

Aside of the message, it’s a great song and promises more to look forward to when the band release their forthcoming EP later this year.

In Earnest


Words by Siobhan
Photos via In Earnest and Wall of Sound PR

3rd July 2020