New Music – Bo Ningen | Tugboat Captain

New releases – Bo Ningen, Tugboat Captain

Bo Ningen – Sudden Fictions (album)

For those familiar with the band, it will be no surprise that Bo Ningen have created an album that will leave you with no option other than to sit up and pay attention. What may be more unexpected is the diversity of music as Sudden Fictions take you through a journey of different genres and sonic references. From the opening assault of the lead track You Make a Mark Like a Calf Branding to the jarring psych-rock of Zankoku, it’s clear that the whole record is a complex, intriguing piece of art. It manages to sound like a classic and completely new simultaneously and will hold your attention from start to finish. The weird and wonderful world of Bo Ningen just took a leap further than any of us might have imagined.

Sudden Fictions is out today on Alcopop! Records – purchase here and listen to Zanzoku below.

Bo Ningen


Tugboat Captain – (single)

With a departure from their lo-fi beginnings, Tugboat Captain’s new release No Plans (For This Year) blends a much deeper, layered musical background to form a track that would drop happily into the 60s’ summer of love and harmony. Noting that it had the feel of an updated, uptempo Eleanor Rigby, it was interesting then to see that the band have been recording at Abbey Road. Coincidence or otherwise, the new sound may have its inspiration in the past but is perhaps more akin to contemporaries like Foxygen and The Lemon Twigs. The title may suggest a lockdown lullaby but the song was actually written 18 months ago. A perhaps prophetic, solid single with a crescendo of a finale; check it out below.

Tugboat Captain’s debut album Rut is due for release on 16th October via Double A-Side Records. Listen to No Plans (For This Year) below and purchase here.

Tugboat Captain


Words by Siobhan

26th June 2020