Album Review – Night House: Everyone is Watching from Afar

Album Release – Night House: Everyone is Watching from Afar

With what must surely be one of the most aptly named albums around in the current environment, Night House have released their debut LP, Everyone is Watching from Afar. Having been likened to Tom Waits, Radiohead and the genius of Brian Eno, the Brighton collective make music drawn from deep-felt lyrics backed by the ambience of electro-orchestral melodies.

Opening track To Be With sets the pace for the album’s storytelling with Nicholas Williams’ falsetto calling to mind the stark emotion of Antony and the Johnsons. The variety of instruments used throughout (including harpist Ellie Ford on The Roots in The Wires) make for a multi-layered listening experience, with Bloodlines adding a gentle country feel of melancholy. However, don’t be led to think that this album is anything other than uplifting; a complicated but beautiful piece of work that is well worth taking some time out for.

As is the unavoidable norm right now, some planned live dates have been put on hold. In the interim you can find more from Night House here and watch the live video for Bloodlines below.

Everyone is Watching from Afar is out now on Back in the Woods Records 

Review by Siobhan
Photo by Alice Humphreys via A Badge of Friendship PR

30th March 2020