Breaking Glass Magazine – November 2022

Breaking Glass Magazine – November 2022

Remember, remember, that now it’s November… we have to start planning our year end galleries. It’s a highlight every year and I’m sure 2022 will keep the bar high.

For those who haven’t taken part before (or have just plain forgotten) we publish two online galleries each December; the first is for live music shots, and the second is a general gallery of your favourite images you’ve taken this year – any subject matter excluding live music photos because they have their own special place.

Details for submission are below, and you can check out our 2021 galleries here for inspiration:

Best Music Shots of 2021 | 2021 Through the Lens

How to submit:

– Breaking Glass is not a profit-making publication; we can’t pay for contributions nor do we charge for submissions as some sites do.

– Everyone is welcome, professional or amateur, camera or phone, film or digital photographer.

Copyright remains with the photographer; by submitting your photos you grant us permission to include them on the website and our social media with credit.

– You can submit to one or both of the galleries, a max of 2 images per gallery.

– For the live music gallery please include artist, venue and month taken.

– For the general gallery please include a title for each image, or just a note of what the picture is of.

– For both galleries, include your name, how you would like to be credited and links you would like us to include to your work, e.g. website / socials.

– Photos should be sent as jpg files please – portrait / landscape / square / colour / black & white are all fine, any style, you can send with or without watermark.

– Please ensure there is no offensive content and that you have permission to share images of people not taken in a public place or including minors.

– Let’s aim to get these in by a deadline of Wed 7th December, any time from now is fine.

Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

Words and cover shot by Siobhan

1st November 2022