Breaking Glass Magazine – June 2022

Breaking Glass Magazine – June 2022

As well as being the harbinger of the Summer Solstice, June is also the proud owner of National Yo-Yo Day (6th), Go Skateboarding Day (21st) and Asteroid Day (30th). Maybe the best one though falls today with Say Something Nice Day.

We’ve always used Breaking Glass as a platform to write about things we like and to feature the work of an amazing collective of photographers, and we have plenty of nice things to say about them. We get lots of feedback from artists saying thank you for taking the time to actually listen to their music and write heartfelt things about it, rather than just copy and pasting the press release. We have photographers inspiring and encouraging each other to believe in their work and try new things. Every single contribution plays a part in making the magazine so thank you!

If you’re in need of some sunshine, real or metaphorical, check out our Spring/Summer gallery that went live yesterday; our cover shot this month is just one of the gorgeous images you’ll find there.

Cover shot: Hastings Pier Beach Huts by Petra Eujane Photography

1st June 2022