Breaking Glass Magazine – March 2022

Breaking Glass Magazine – March 2022

March means International Women’s Day is coming around again, this year falling on Tuesday 8th.

Championing “a gender equal world, a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, a world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive, a world where difference is valued and celebrated”, it’s an event that we’re happy to be part of.

This year, we’d love to feature photos of women taken by women – portrait shots, live music shots, your friends, family, neighbours, anyone at all, just pick your favourite image that fits the bill and email to us here at with a link to your Insta and/or website/other socials, and tell us about yourself and your photo in 40 words or less.

Some more details if you’d like to join in…

– Please send in by midday on Monday 7th March
– Breaking Glass is not a profit-making publication; we can’t pay for contributions nor do we charge for entries as many sites do
– Copyright remains with the photographer; by submitting your photos you grant us permission to include them in the stated gallery and to promote this and related posts on the website and social media with credit
– Jpg files please – portrait / landscape / square are all fine
– You can send with or without watermark; please ensure you have permission for images not taken in a public space or of under 18s

Look forward to seeing your shots!

Words and photo from Brighton Fringe by Siobhan

1st March 2022