Breaking Glass Magazine – January 2022

Breaking Glass Magazine – January 2022

Happy new year!

Who knows what this year will bring but whatever it proves to be, we’ll be here taking in the best of new music and showcasing images from photographers from far and wide.

We’re introducing a couple of new features…

No Place Like Home:

As we have contributors and readers from across and outside the UK, we’d love for photographers to show us round their city, town or village (or just a favourite place) in pictures. Looking for 6-10 photos with a brief note about what’s in each one – think cityscapes, landscapes, venues, shops, places with happy memories, whatever makes it special to you.

The Vinyl Countdown:

We’ve all got playlists of our favourite songs, mixtapes if we’re talking old school. If you’re interested in sharing your very own Desert Island Discs, send us the artist and title for any 10 tracks and a sentence or two about each. Tell us why they’re on your list, do they make you laugh, cry, dance on the kitchen table?

If you’d like to take part, drop us an email to and let us know if you’re interested in either one or both.

All the very best for 2022, look forward to hearing from contributors old and new – big love to the Breaking Glass community x

Words and photo from The Hope & Ruin in Brighton by Siobhan

1st January 2022