Interview – Good Health Good Wealth

Slide onto the dancefloor with Good Health Good Wealth as they mix slick tunes with wry lyrical observations on life. We chatted to vocalist Bruce Breakey about music, memories and Mutant Ninja Turtles of the Teenage variety…

Hey, how are you and where are you right now?

Great cheers, currently in sunny North London, Holloway.

Who’s involved in Good Health Good Wealth and who else around you deserves a shout out?

Myself, Bruce Breakey on the vocals and Simon Kuzmickas on the guitar. Shout out to George Apsion who helped us with the production on this one.

Tell us about your latest single Hong Kong Head

It’s all a bit of a blur but basically it came out of a bad trip to Hong Kong a few years ago. I wrote it as catharsis when I got home feeling sorry for myself.

Your videos are sharp – who puts them together?

We’ve worked with a few different directors now but this one was directed by the boys at G22 Studios, Sulymaan Hameed, Stephen Noorshagh and Jack Ruthenberg.

What are some of your earliest music related memories, where did you start listening to stuff that got into your head?

Jingles for adverts always really stuck in my head as a young kid, or theme tunes for TV shows. The old cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hong Kong Phooey, those were genius because they made you a fan of the show before you even got to see it!

What’s that one song that totally takes you back to a different time and place?

Jamiroquai Deeper Underground takes me back to being a kid watching that first Hollywood Godzilla movie, the one with Matthew Broderick in it. I remember in the music videos he’s jumping on the tops of cars or something and I would pretend to do it in my front room on top of the sofa

One film and one book – what do you choose?

The Departed & The Choirboys, anything with gangsters or crooked cops and I’m in.

Who’s on your playlist at the moment that we should be listening to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of other duos recently like Majid Jordan, Paris Texas and Emotional Oranges, call it research. I’ve been going back in time a bit with The Style Council and The Blow Monkeys.

The last 18 months have been harsh in many ways, what’s been good for you despite or because of the pandemic?

We’ve written so much new music because there was nothing else we could do! We’re happy to be getting out into the real world now though.

You’re playing at the Sebright Arms in November, any likelihood of you gigging further afield in the coming months?

We’ll be playing a few dates with The Twang on their tour over December which is gonna be quality! Stoke, Derby, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Cardiff, Newcastle and Birmingham, proper road trip.

What’s next for Good Health Good Wealth, what are your plans for the rest of the year and 2022?

To cement ourselves as London’s premiere funky disco boys.

Good Health Good Wealth release two new tracks Buy Me and Love Ya this Friday 5th November – guaranteed to bring a spark to your bonfire, keep tabs on their bid for elite funky disco status here. 

Interview by Siobhan

1st November 2021