Label Launch – No Such Thing Records

Logo for No Such Thing Records - a dark pink bird’s webbed foot on a pale pink background

When a new record label launches into what is an already busy market, it’s sometimes difficult to pick out the USP. However, No Such Thing is very clear about its mission from the outset, setting itself the target of releasing 70% of its music from LGBTQ+ and Black and minority ethnic artists. The wealth of talent already involved in setting up and signing to the label is a reminder that this really doesn’t need to be the exception to the rule of many other independent labels, not to mention promoters, bookers, et al.

The brainchild of electronic musician and producer Dirty Freud and musician and visual artist Ruby Tingle, the label is taking a positive twist on the gender imbalance in music and the arts by proactively championing diversity amongst its acts.

Explaining the ethos behind the label, Dirty Freud says, “What sets No Such Thing apart is our commitment to giving a voice to artists from under-represented groups – whether that’s ethnicity, sexuality or disability… As a Black artist myself, I know that doors don’t always open that easily if you don’t fit the mould. Or if they do, you’re expected to fit into a stereotyped box. We’re here to challenge that, to empower our artists and give them back creative control.”

Ruby Tingle adds, “There’s so much creativity in the north, which we’re here to harness. This is a really exciting time to be doing something different in the music industry.”

Already signed to No Such Thing are six artists all based across the north of England, each one offering something new and innovative – Szou, Leftwinter, Iora, Kaspa, Off Noise and Jaayns.

The label will make its debut release on 12th March with Rose-Tinted by Manchester based electro-pop artist Szou, who says, “I wrote Rose-Tinted in the summer of 2020 when it became apparent that the pandemic was here to stay. Being away from my friends made me appreciate them even more and long for the days when life was normal. It’s a love letter to them really. It’s about looking through old photos and the intense nostalgia feeling you get from that. It’s about wanting to relive those memories, the good and even the bad because it was such a different time to the present day. That sounds bleak but I’m hopeful we’ll be able to make even better memories when all of this shit is over.”

It certainly looks as though No Such Thing will be making memories for the future; we wish them the absolute best of luck with the label and are very much looking forward to watching it develop and grow.

Rose-Tinted is available to pre-save here.

You can find out more about No Such Thing Records here, including more details about their initial roster of artists and links to their socials.

Words by Siobhan

1st March 2021