Breaking Glass Magazine – February 2021

Black and white shot of people taking a socially distanced walk along Worthing Pier, the closed amusement arcade is straight ahead

Breaking Glass Magazine – February 2021

Cover image Worthing Pier © 16 Beasley St Photography 

How’s everyone doing? I’ve been rediscovering my love of black and white photography, something I used a lot with gig shots but haven’t dipped into for a while. I like the sense of timelessness and that it’s harder to date a colour-free image when you look back. My walks on the beach look different in mono and things just feel a little bit calmer.

The image here was taken on Worthing Pier, a hybrid of art deco architecture, a retro style amusement arcade and an outdoor gallery of local artists’ pictures displayed in the central glass partition. It’s a major feat for me to walk the length of the pier due to a combined fear of heights and vast expanses of water, but a great place for photos and to escape the busy promenade.

Till next time – stay safe, look after yourselves and don’t go too close to the edge.

Words and photo © Siobhan

1st February 2021