Breaking Glass Magazine – January 2021

A stone bridge over a river with this slogan stencilled on in light blue paint ‘No. I only sleep with girls I’m in love with’.

Breaking Glass Magazine – January 2021

Cover image © Ryan Bell

In the first lockdown back in the spring of 2020, I spent most of my government allocated exercise periods out and about on my bike, rediscovering my local area of Wakefield. Just aside a nature reserve, I came across this particularly striking piece of street art.

Upon first glance the text reads like a dramatic plea of innocence from some local libertine, more Jeremy Kyle than Jean Luc, but a quick google proved it was indeed pinched from Godard’s 1963 film Le Petit Soldat.

I was suitably impressed and finding Wakefield’s ode to 1960’s French New-Wave Cinema was one of the more welcome of the many surprises 2020 brought.

Words and photo © Ryan Bell

Here’s to many more welcome surprises this year. We will be running more photo galleries as well as individual photographer features – get in touch if you have images or a project you’d like to share. Wishing you all the very best for 2021.

1st January 2021