Breaking Glass Magazine – November 2020

Breaking Glass Magazine – November 2020

Cover image Moj Taylor performing Make-Up at Brighton Fringe
© 16 Beasley St Photography

After what has felt like the longest absence, it’s been a blessing to have live performance back, albeit it briefly and in a socially distanced fashion. Just as events across the UK have begun to creep back, the brakes are about to be applied again nationally after numerous local lockdowns. Brighton Fringe, renowned for its eclectic mix of theatre, comedy and spoken word, made a later in the year than usual appearance throughout October, having had to postpone its regular May spot. With artists and venues taking huge measures to keep things safe, there has at least been an opportunity for some performers and writers to debut new work to audiences.

The diversity of its programme is what makes The Fringe such an exciting prospect for all ages. The photos below show poetry and comedy from Kieran Hearty and Victoria Melody (top row) for Lava Elastic who run a regular neurodiverse night at Sweet Werks in Brighton. London troupe Let’s All Dance brought ballet to Alice in Wonderland and there was shadow puppetry in Anytime the Wind can Change from The New Shadow Cabinet (second row), both at Brighton Open Air Theatre. Any suitable venue can be transformed and a topical protest performance of Savage Beauty from Actors of Dionysus took place in a garden (third row). The header and final images are from Make-Up by No Logo Productions back at Sweet Werks, the story of a drag artist reflecting on their life and family relationships. The variety of shows on offer has been excellent and a very welcome escape, despite all the restrictions in place; fingers crossed that they will be able to deliver their full complement in 2021.

A huge shout out goes to everyone involved in supporting the arts whether through live shows, online streams, fundraising, promotion, performing or all the behind the scenes stuff that pulls everything together. For now, stay safe and look after everyone around you so we can get this back soon.

Words and photos © Siobhan

1st November 2020