In Focus with Dan Bold

Hailing from Surrey and currently based in Portsmouth, we spoke to Dan Bold about crossing over from cinematography to photography and what inspires his work…

‘I study Film Production at the University of Portsmouth and got into photography last year as a way to keep myself busy when I had a bit of spare time from my course which, because of the nature of film making, was either really hectic or nothing was going on for me. As I was already developing as a camera operator, using a camera was second nature to me but learning about photography was completely different.

At university I’ve worked on a range of different projects; my favourites have been working on a short fiction film, developing a documentary on para-triathlete Lauren Steadman and creating a corporate video for the International Port here in Portsmouth, all as a Director of Photography / Camera Operative.

The majority of my photography has been taken in Portsmouth; I will go into shoots with a idea of what I want to come out with and just go looking for locations that match what I want. I try to shoot in a different place every time to keep challenging myself.

I spent the summer just gone working in Greece as an action and portrait photographer for a company inside a hotel resort. The team I was a part of took photos of everything going on in the resort, from the kids clubs to the waterskiing and wakeboarding, which was of course my favourite, and then family portrait sessions in front of the Greek sunset in the evenings.

I’m hoping to get more into live music photography and potentially begin working with bands on a regular basis, as well as continuing to shoot with different models and brands to keep learning and improving. I’m also hoping to travel more; I really fell in love with Amsterdam when I went this year and I’d love to see some more of Europe.

I’ve met some lovely people who are driven and who drive me; Jack, Lewis, and Chloe (featured models) are three people who I keep finding myself shooting with. One of the best things about taking photos is all the people I meet and creating art with them.’

All photos featured are taken and copyrighted by Dan. To see more of his work or if you have a project you’d like to discuss collaborating on, you can contact Dan on Instagram.

31st October 2018

Live – The Lovely Eggs + Rob Auton + Mush at The Haunt

The Lovely Eggs / Rob Auton / Mush, The Haunt Brighton, 27th Oct 2018

It’s always party time when The Lovely Eggs come to town and Saturday was no exception. Fittingly playing Halloween week at The Haunt in Brighton, Holly and David brought along a barrage of their trademark no nonsense punk tunes, plenty of humour and some solid support acts.

Kicking off proceedings, Mush warmed things up with a set full of psyched up indie guitars. Much lauded by Marc Riley, the Leeds four piece have been making waves playing with the likes of Ulrika Spacek and Drahla and were recently selected for the debut release on newly formed Dipped in Gold Recordings with Gig Economy, the social commentary running through their songs a smart match for the headliners.

Next up, comedian Rob Auton received a warm reception with his wry perspective on life and a carrier bag full of leaves… a brave move throwing stand up and poetry into the mix which paid off handsomely.

And so to The Lovely Eggs, a band whose form never seems to drop (and having seen David play a faultless set with pneumonia a couple of months back that’s a more than fair statement). The Eggs have a loyal fanbase and a host of infectious tracks. Imagine if The Ramones merged with The Photos, hit fast forward and spent the last decade in Lancaster and you’re on the way to getting the picture.

Serving up titles like Dickhead and People Are Twats, there’s no doubting the blunt aggression in their lyrics and performance but the atmosphere is a happy one with a real sense of community between the band and the crowd. With a room full of people singing along to Wiggy Giggy with the due reverence such a lyric demands, The Lovely Eggs prove once again that they really are a must see live act.

Keep up with what’s going on for The Lovely Eggs, Mush and Rob Auton. If you want to support The Lovely Eggs in their quest to save their local recording studio, Lancaster Music Co-Op, from threatened closure you can sign the petition here.

Words and photos by Siobhan

29th October 2018

Interview – LibraLibra

Fresh from causing a stir at Dials Festival and the release of their new single, LibraLibra are shaping up to be one of the most intriguing new bands around. Vocalist Beth gave us an insight into what makes them tick…

Everyone loved your set at Dials Festival – how was the day for you?

I absolutely loved the day and it was for a cause very close to my heart (raising money for Solent Mind) – I was so excited to see lots of people come and see us as we were first on, it was pouring with rain and we are still so new so I was expecting to be playing to no-one, haha – so that got us buzzing and then we got to fully enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day and see some of our fav new bands and friends play – Penelope Isles, Lice, Thyla & Tigercub particularly smashed it.

Best/worst experience playing live?

Haha, honestly I couldn’t pinpoint because I’ve had so many good times and so many bad times – but the bad ones make you good (I hope!)… what I mean is I will always remember the bad ones and with that I will do my best to learn from them! They get you good at problem solving on demand as during a performance you haven’t got time to dwell and acknowledge the mistake; you just need to keep going and instantly rectify. I always aim to learn from my mistakes, even though they can sting hard at the time.

When a performance is at its best, it is when I fully let go, when I’m not thinking, I’m just being.

Tell us about your new single Skin and Bone…

This song is definitely my younger self screaming through, kind of like a ghost from my past – I don’t know if mine was particularly normal, maybe it was and people just really don’t talk about how dark things can get. I’m still trying to come to terms with my past but writing and singing is what helps me cope with it, they help me bizarrely understand feelings I couldn’t understand before. Skin and Bone is definitely harping back to a lot of frustration and confusion revolving around growing up.

Which other artists are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been sessioning Sunns’ latest album Felt – I can’t recommend it enough. IDLES’ new album is pure fire. They’ve been around for a while now but I’ve been getting into Lilacs & Champagne – their self-titled album is on the list. Snapped Ankles are killing it too.

What’s happening for LibraLibra over the next few months?

Lots of exciting things are brewing! We have a few shows lined up in November:

9th Nov we are supporting Projector at The Haunt in Brighton
13th Nov we have just been announced to support Psychic TV at Heaven in London – this is a huge honour for us!
16th Nov we are in Manchester for Off The Record
29th Nov we are collaborating with one of Rachel Maclean’s pieces at the Zabludowicz Collection in London

On top of that, we are writing, recording and making more videos!

Last one, if you could have anyone cover one of your songs who would you choose?

Cher, please cover one of our songs…

Find out more about LibraLibra and watch the video for Skin and Bone right now…you won’t be disappointed

Interview and live photos from Dials Festival by Siobhan, promo photo via Stunt Girl Management

25th October 2018

Interview – Temples of Youth

Temples of Youth continue to impress with their growing collection of evocative electro based tracks and captivating live sets. We caught up with the Hampshire duo to talk about new music, past highlights and last minute substitutions…

Where did it all begin – how did you two meet and decide to form a band?

Jo: I saw an ad online for a female singer and took a chance – pretty sure I was the only one who responded so Paul was stuck with me really…

Band career highlight so far?

Jo: I really enjoyed our EP launch last year at Elephant Records in Winchester. People travelled from Bournemouth and Brighton and it was just so lovely and rewarding to see and meet so many people we didn’t know were listening.

Paul: Releasing our first EP was very rewarding. That felt like a significant milestone and an achievement.

Which other artists are you listening to at the moment?

Jo: We went to see Soccer Mommy a few weeks ago at Scala – been listening to her a lot since! I’m also listening to a lot of Daughter, Lana Del Ray and The War on Drugs.

Paul: The new Wild Nothing album Indigo and I’m rediscovering The Three EPs by The Beta Band.

What’s been your best/worst experience playing live?

Jo: Best experience I think was Smoked and Uncut Festival in the New Forest – it was our first big show outside and it was really sunny. I also liked meeting Pale Waves and playing with them at The Boileroom in Guildford – it was just before they took off and I really enjoyed their set. Worst experience was when the feedback was so bad and lasted for ages and the sound guy told me it was my fault…I won’t mention where that was!

Paul: Smoked and Uncut was also one of my favourites and our recent set at Dials Festival in Southsea was fun. I think sometimes festival performances can be a little stressful when you have limited time to set up and soundcheck but you learn from it all.

What’s coming up for Temples of Youth in the next few months?

Jo: We have our second EP Darker Places coming out soon and some shows with Port Erin and Alyss.

Last up, if you couldn’t make a show who would each of you choose to fill in for you for one night only?

Jo: Do you know what – my sister. She’s a better drummer and singer than I am. I’m glad she didn’t see Paul’s ad before I did.

Paul: Jo’s Mum’s dog, Bailey. I’m not sure if he’s that competent on guitar but he would win the crowd over.

Check out tracks from Darker Places and the latest news from Temples of Youth and catch them live on 25th October at The Railway, Winchester and 1st December at Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Interview and photos from Dials Festival by Siobhan

22nd October 2018

Live – Glasvegas + Birthday Girl at The Old Market

Glasvegas / Birthday Girl, The Old Market Brighton, 13th Oct 2018

It feels fitting to have spent National Album Day seeing Glasvegas play their eponymous debut album in its entirety at the weekend. An incredible collection of heartfelt songs delivered in James Allan’s unmistakable guttural tone; it stands up 10 years later as one of the best productions of the last decade.

Playing a sold out show at The Old Market in Brighton (Hove to be pedantic), Glasvegas had the crowd hanging on, and singing along to, their every word. An impromptu mosh pit for Go Square Go was even more impressive considering how hot it was while It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry and Polmont On My Mind saw the venue en masse singing its heart and throat out.

Support came from Stockholm based Birthday Girl, setting the evening up suitably with heavy guitar riffs aplenty, well worth getting along early for. Check out their recently released single Welcome Home Frank Bastard for a flavour.

All in all an emotional night, lots of past memories and some new ones in the making, not least for the couple whose onstage proposal was aptly followed by Be My Baby. Without question Glasvegas are a class act and the proverbial angel on all our shoulders; here’s to the next 10 years.

Find remaining tour dates and the latest news from Glasvegas; follow Birthday Girl and link to their music

Words and photos by Siobhan

15th October 2018

In Focus with Tim Beavis

As the saying goes, every picture tells a story. We asked photographer Tim Beavis to showcase some of his stunning shots and give us an insight into how photography became more than just a passing interest…

‘I originally got into photography as a hobby after working for a year as a Product & Dispatch Specialist at SO Cameras whilst living in Brighton during my first year of uni. I had no previous experience in using a DSLR for photography but I was taught the basics and understood the functionality for that job role. During spring 2016 I would often go out in the evenings and walk along the seafront in Brighton, capturing many photos on my iPhone. During the summer that year, I decided to get myself a camera to take photos with and ended up purchasing a Canon 60D and a 50mm lens to accompany it. I would often snap shots around my home in Southampton including Winchester and Holly Hill. I didn’t even consider the idea of producing shoots for clients until one of my mates from uni asked me to capture some promotion shots of his band, Imbium, which turned out fairly well for my ability at that time.

My personal love of capturing landscape shots provides the perfect motivation for me to get out and discover new places or even find new spots in places I’m familiar with that had until then been hidden to me. Over the two years I’ve been involved in photography, my most common shoot location is Winchester and to this day I’m still finding new places within the city that I’d previously been unaware of, one such location being The Weirs, behind Pilgrims School.

Whilst I love capturing landscapes, more recently I’ve ventured into headshot and dance photography through my involvement with RicNic Hampshire, a youth led theatre production company, who asked me to take headshots, rehearsal and dress run shots during August 2017. This was a massive boost to my work as it forced me to capture different subjects to usual and I ended up making a large amount of contacts with dancers and actors who I have gone on to shoot since.

RicNic was the big push I needed to force myself into shooting a fully manual setup on my camera. Up until that point I had been shooting mostly in auto and making all the creative decisions in Lightroom, however I realised that to get the shots I desired, I needed to be controlling aperture and shutter speed.

Recently I traded in all my Canon gear and have replaced it with a Sony A7ii in pursuit of much higher quality images. Whilst I don’t like technical spec to get in the way of the image itself as photographers often forget the best setting, composition, is free, there were features within this camera that I knew would enhance the work I am capturing. I’ve recently started to venture into videography and this camera was the next step I took to get closer to that. In the future I’d like to break into the world of wedding photography though I also find the prospect of that very daunting…’

All photos in this feature are taken and copyrighted by Tim. If you’d like to see more of his work or book a shoot you can contact him via his website or find him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

11th October 2018

Dials Festival 2018

Dials Festival, Portsmouth, 5th Oct 2018

Picking up the reins from long established Southsea Fest was never going to be an easy task but Dials Festival is fast gaining a reputation as an event not to be missed. Always a chance to discover emerging new artists and catch some local heroes, Dials once again curated an astonishingly strong line up this weekend.

It seems almost compulsory that rain is a feature at any UK festival but as this one was held across five venues along Southsea’s Albert Road, all within about 5 minutes walk of each other, the weather was largely irrelevant and it was great to see a big turnout from the word go with a lot of support for opening acts Temples of Youth, Libra Libra and Fake Empire – a fantastic and diverse mix from the outset.

With heaps more talent at every turn, neighbours The Wine Vaults and The Loft hosted more excellent performances from Lice, Ugly and Los Bitchos while across the road a dark and sweaty Acapulco was packed for local favourites Horseflies and Melt Dunes plus a stunning set from Sleep Eaters. Along at the Edge of the Wedge, Omar Baba kicked things off with their distinctive brand of jazz hip hop, Vinyl Staircase showed again how consistently good they are live and a deservedly big crowd squeezed in for some dark distortion from Hotel Lux. Just the other side of the door in the Wedgewood Rooms, Thyla and Estrons broke through the fog of the smoke machine to entertain the crowd before headliners Tigercub closed the party with their trademark crescendo of heavy riffs. So many more quality artists playing not captured here only due to the curse of not being able to be in two places at once.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, this year’s Dials was raising money for Solent Mind, a charity that’s a massive support for people in the local area with a huge range of mental health issues and Mind volunteers were on hand on the day to chat and provide information. So there you have it, an immense line up, friendly venues and a bit of wellbeing on the side, fingers tightly crossed that this turns into a regular thing…

To find out more check out Dials Festival and Solent Mind

Words and photos by Siobhan

8th October 2018

Interview – Asylums

Surely one of the hardest working bands around, Asylums juggle touring and recording with running their own label and side projects in abundance. Their live shows are not to be missed, bursting with energy and masterful crowd surfing. Vocalist Luke Branch took time out of their hectic schedule to answer some questions for us…

What brought you together and keeps you together as a band?

I think what brought us together was friendship, it’s also what keeps us together. Asylums is not treated as a business really, it’s treated purely as a vehicle for expression and fun. We take the music seriously but never feel people will necessarily be paying attention. We have been fortunate that they have and that’s a beautiful by-product.

Which other artists are you listening to at the moment?

John Carpenter soundtracks, Shellac, 8 bit video game themes, J Mascis, The Horse Heads, a lot of demos for a new record.

Favourite venue you’ve played or want to play?

We had a great time in Germany last week for Reeperbahn Festival, the venue was called Kaiser Keller. I think we would love to sell out Scala within the next few years.

Who’s involved behind the scenes that we might not be aware of but deserves a shout out?

Thomas Mitchener has made two albums with us, Danny Watson is our manager and Mark McQuillan, who owns Republic of Music Distribution, has been a huge part of our story so far.

And what’s happening for Asylums in the next few months?

We have a few festivals left, Neighbourhood and 2Q and we are playing a headline show at Camden Assembly in November. We are also releasing some records by other bands on our Cool Thing Records label. I think we might work on a single with BAIT, our side project…then we are going to disappear for a bit and work up a new record.

Message to the world?

You can only take with you what you leave behind.

Asylums latest album, Alien Human Emotions, is available on Cool Thing Records. Pending live dates are Neighbourhood Festival Manchester – 6 October, 2Q Festival Lincoln – 3 November, Camden Assembly Hall – 9 November.

Interview and photos from Rough Trade East by Siobhan

4th October 2018

Instore – IDLES & Pale Waves at Pie & Vinyl

IDLES 3rd Sep 2018, Pale Waves 20th Sep 2018, Pie & Vinyl, Southsea 

Taking a break from their respective sell out tours, two very different but both hugely popular bands have recently stopped off at Southsea’s Pie & Vinyl to play instore sets to a lucky select few fans.

Technically, IDLES’ set was ‘outstore’ at local pub The Wave Maiden, probably a wise choice given the amount of breakables in the shop! A lunchtime slot saw many of those who managed to get a space gladly taking time off work to hear tracks from the new album Joy As An Act Of Resistance. With much two way interaction, the band were in the crowd and the crowd were in the band, taking over vocals while Joe went to meet the people crammed in at the back. Massively relevant right now, IDLES never disappoint live and this was no exception.

A few weeks later saw a much more chilled solo acoustic performance from Pale Waves’ Heather Baron-Gracie singing tracks from debut album My Mind Makes Noises, joined by the rest of the band for a signing session afterwards. With the shop bursting at the seams and more people watching from outside on the street, there is clearly more than just hype attached to Pale Waves.

For anyone not familiar with the area, Pie & Vinyl sits on Castle Road amidst a plethora of independent shops selling a mixture of items old and new. True to its name, the shop stocks a wide range of music and is home to a cafe serving the most amazing pies around. One to check out if you’re taking a trip to the coast any time soon.

Find out more about IDLES, Pale Waves and Pie & Vinyl

Words and photos by Siobhan

2nd October 2018

Festival Number 6 2018

Festival Number 6, Portmeirion, 6th-9th Sep 2018

Portmeirion is not your average festival site. Set between the Welsh mountains and a sandy beach, the Italianate style village is best known as the backdrop to cult 60s’ series The Prisoner, hence the name Festival Number 6.

As well as offering comedy, performance art, yoga and paddle boarding to those so inclined, this year’s festival was host to an eclectic mix of established and new artists across the weekend. The second biggest stage in the Grand Pavilion took in a huge slice of the best acts including Gengahr, Goat Girl, Baxter Dury, The Horrors (undoubtedly still one of the best live bands around) and Gwenno, soon to be setting out on tour with support from one of the local bands playing on the BBC Cymru/Gorwelion Horizons stage, Adwaith – both highly recommended.

Not to be outdone, Tim Peaks Diner saw great sets from psych-pop five piece Fuzzy Sun and Lancaster’s favourite punks The Lovely Eggs amongst many other upcoming artists.

Over on the main stage, the obligatory festival rain on Saturday stopped for Hurts and a clear Sunday finished in style with crowd pleasers The Charlatans, followed by a mighty performance from Franz Ferdinand, paying their own Prisoner tribute with Alex Kapranos in full Patrick McGoohan attire.

With uncertainty about the future of the event which has grown beyond the means of the location, organisers have announced that they have made ‘the difficult decision to take a breather… 2018 will be the last Festival Number 6 for now’. As so many UK festivals seem to be folding, let’s hope that this is just a hiatus as this really is, as promised, a festival like no other.

More galleries and the full statement about future events can be found on the Festival Number 6 website

Words and photos by Siobhan

1st October 2018


Introducing – Breaking Glass Magazine

Welcome to Breaking Glass, a new digital magazine launched in October 2018.

Leaning towards music, photography and the arts, content includes live music reviews and galleries mixed with interviews and features from different photographers, artists, places and events.

Thanks for joining the adventure; let’s see what happens next…

1st October 2018