2020 Contributors

Breaking Glass 2020 Contributors

Photographers, writers, artists, reviewers and interviewers – here’s a roll call of the fabulous humans who contributed content to Breaking Glass during 2020. Thank you all for just being generally brilliant. Thanks also to all the bands and artists who gave us interviews, the music PR teams and promoters, publishers, venues, museum and gallery curators who’ve invited us in or sent us previews, and anyone else who’s played a part in any way. See you for more of the same in 2021…

Alan Cruickshank
Alana Thomas
Andrew Barrell
Anna Louise Yorke
Barbara Vitoria Vitale
Becky Jones

Bethany Clayton
Brian Smith
Caoimhe Clements
Carl Copeland
Catarina Olausson (ECO Photography)
Charlie Smith

Chris Andrews
Clare Ratcliffe
Dave Harford
David Gasson
Derek Rickman
Gary Catlin
Gary Hough (allthecoolbandsphotography)
Geoff Maxted
Gregor Boyd
Hugh Frizell
Ingrid Turner
Jake O’Brien
Jenn Cliff-Wilcock (Lens of a Wool)
Jennifer Mullins
Jordain Molloy Gillen
Karen McKay
Kevin Harpin
Kristy-Lee Gallagher
Lauren Fautley
Live Music Snaps
Lou Smith
Lynnette Brink
Marge Bradshaw
Mark Cartwright
Michelle Cop
Milly McPhee
Nigel King
Olivia Sofia Ferrara
Oriana Spadaro
Pepa (PJ Music Photography)
Phil Drury (2324 Photography)
Peter Hutchinson
Petra Eujane
Rebecca O’Flaherty
Robert C Maxfield II
Ryan Bell
Seb Akehurst (Jolly Bearded Promotions)
Shane O’Neill
Shonagh Kelly
Shots by Sarah
Siobhan (16 Beasley St Photography)
Steve White
Teresa Lyle
Tina Sherwood (Rock Shotz Live Music Imaging)

Photos © 16 Beasley St Photography

29th December 2020


Best Music Shots of 2020

Picture this!

Given the devastating impact on the live music scene this year, we debated whether to go ahead with the annual Best Music Shots gallery. However, popular opinion said yes so here we are and, looking at the photos submitted, what a good call that was. All images have been taken either outside of lockdown or at Covid-safe / socially distanced events and it’s definitely good for the soul to remember those moments. Hopefully, things are slowly mending; whatever happens next one thing’s for sure, we’ll never take easy access to live music for granted again.

Delighted to have some of our regular photographers involved here – your contributions are always massively appreciated. And equally it’s great to have some new faces taking part – you’re all most welcome and we hope to see more from you in the future.

Photos are in no particular order, mixed by genre and style, so find a comfy seat and check them all out to avoid missing anything… enjoy.

(Header photo above by Mark Cartwright, details in article)

1. The Darkness
2. Catfish & the Bottlemen
Alcatraz, Milan, February 2020

By Oriana Spadaro – Website | Instagram


1. Simeon Hammond Dallas
The Old Joinery, Greenwich, London, October 2020
2. Bandini
The Old Joinery, Greenwich, London, December 2020

By Petra Eujane Photography – Website | Instagram

1. Jamie Bower of Counterfeit
Manchester Ritz, February 2020
2. Lazarus Kane
Georgian Theatre, Stockton, February 2020

By Steve White – Flickr

1. Gordon James & the Power
Strathpeffer Pavilion, Ross-shire, February 2020
2. Forgetting the Future
Potting Shed Garden Festival, Inverness, July 2020

By Alan Cruickshank Photographic – Facebook

1. Lauren Lo Sung
Liverpool Digital Music Festival, EBGBs, August 2020
2. Callum of The Bottom Line
Jimmy’s, Liverpool, January 2020

By Sarah (Shots by Sarah) – Instagram | Facebook

1. Dominic Corry of The Battery Farm
2. Paul Worrall of The Battery Farm
The Club Academy, Manchester, October 2020

By Gary Hough (allthecoolbandsphotography) – Website | Instagram | Twitter

Berns, Stockholm, January 2020

By Catarina Olausson – Website | Instagram

1. Conor Marshall of Sylosis
Islington Assembly Hall, London, February 2020
2. Markus Vanhala of Insomnium
Islington Assembly Hall, London, January 2020

By Chris Andrews – Instagram

Night People, Manchester, January 2020

By Alana Thomas – Instagram


1. King Nun
Bodega, Nottingham, February 2020
2. Emzae
Rock City Beta, Beat the Streets, Nottingham, January 2020

By Nigel King – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Brian Shuck & the Local Legends
Sneaky Pete’s, Lewisville, Texas, September 2020

By Robert C Maxfield II – Website | Instagram | Facebook


Kelly Jones of Stereophonics
Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, March 2020

By Tina Sherwood (Rock Shotz Live Music Imaging) – Instagram | Facebook

1. Accident
2. Gemišt
Monte Paradiso Hardcore Punk Festival, Pula, Croatia, September 2020

By David Gasson – Website | Instagram | Chasing the Light Art

1. Beatles tribute show put on by staff, students & alumni feat. Alex Mullins
Paradise Valley Community College Fine Arts Theater, Phoenix, March 2020
2. Jared & the Mill
Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, February 2020

By Jennifer Mullins – Website | Instagram

1. Obongjayar
Village Underground, London, February 2020
2. Fat White Family
Windmill Brixton, London, February 2020

By Anna Louise Yorke – Website | Instagram


1. Ríoghnach Connolly
2. Caoilfhoinn Rose
Carlton Club, Manchester, November 2020

By Ingrid Turner – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

1. John Robb of Goldblade
2. Keith Warren of The Adicts
Great British Alternative Festival, Butlins Minehead, February 2020

By Mark Cartwright – Flickr | Facebook | Twitter

1. Dry Cleaning
The Green Door Store, Brighton, February 2020
2. Lynks
The Rossi Bar, Brighton, February 2020

By Siobhan (16 Beasley St Photography) – Website | Instagram | Twitter


Enormous thanks to all the talented photographers here for sharing their awesome shots – fingers tightly crossed that you’ll all be back in the pit in 2021. You can see more from everyone featured and follow their socials via the links shown. Stay safe everyone.

All pictures are copyrighted by the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

17th December 2020

2020 Through the Lens

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

This year, maybe more than any other in recent times, the creation of images that either captured or diverted away from the events around us has been especially important. A reflection of difficult times or a reminder that there’s lots of good stuff in the world too, we asked photographers to share their favourite shots of the year – any style or subject.

As with all our galleries, there is no specific order; the images have been mixed by format and content so enjoy from start to finish…

(Header photo above by Kristy-Lee Gallagher, details in article)

1. Mates
2. Wasp (Gasteruption Jaculator) on an Astrantia

By Nigel King – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


1. Passenger
2. Collision

By Gregor Boyd – Flickr | Instagram


1. Tricoloured Heron
2. Firethorn

By Derek Rickman – Instagram


1. Ballycastle in September during lockdown break
2. Billingham town centre in early lockdown

By Mark Cartwright – Flickr | Facebook | Twitter


That Live Music Feeling (during Insomnium’s set at Islington Assembly Hall)

By Chris Andrews – Instagram


1. Bridge
2. Bus Stop

By Ryan Bell – Instagram | Twitter


1. ‘Hope’ at Peterborough Cathedral
2. Thank You NHS

By Clare Ratcliffe – Instagram | Facebook


1. Amber Falls Beauty
2. Frozen Worcestershire

By Dave Harford – Website | Instagram | Twitter


1. Young Black Lives Matter Protesters, London
2. BLM Protesters, London

By Anna Louise Yorke – Website | Instagram



By Caoimhe Clements – Instagram


1. Ant Attack
2. Pigeon Fly-By

By Petra Eujane Photography – Website | Instagram


1. The Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, Arizona
2. Solitary Reflections, Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Fort Myers,  Florida

By Jennifer Mullins – Website | Instagram


1. A Wooded Walk, Loch Ness
2. The Kelpies, Sterling

By Sarah (Shots by Sarah) – Instagram | Facebook


1. The Camper
2. Angel

By Kristy-Lee Gallagher – Instagram


1. Diversion
2. Make-up, Brighton Fringe

By Siobhan (16 Beasley St Photography) – Website | Instagram | Twitter


It’s always a real pleasure to put these end of year galleries together, catch up with previous contributors and meet new ones. Once again, a beautiful collection of images – huge thanks to all who have taken part. You can see more of their work and follow them on the links given. Whether you have photos featured or are here for the view, we wish you all the best for 2021, stay safe and keep shooting.

Our Best Music Shots of 2020 feature will be published later this week.

All images are copyrighted by the photographer credited; please do not use without gaining their permission first.

15th December 2020

New Music – The Underground Youth | The Red Stains | Outlaw Boogie | Nightshift

New releases – The Underground Youth, The Red Stains, Outlaw Boogie, Nightshift

The Underground Youth – A Sorrowful Race (single)

When a song puts you in mind of a refurbished Chelsea Hotel No 2, it’s immediately worthy of your attention. And without denying the hints of Leonard Cohen, The Underground Youth have proffered something a bit different and a bit special too here. Incredibly, this is the lead from the band’s 10th album due in March. Manchester born and now based in Berlin, they have the influence of two cities whose music scenes are revered around the world, the chemistry to seamlessly move towards a darker sound of film noir, and the ability to capture a snapshot of the current isolation we’re all experiencing.

A Sorrowful Race is out now and will be followed by the album The Falling released on 12th March 2021 via Fuzz Club Records.

The Underground Youth


The Red Stains – Freezer Jesus (single)

Another solid track from Manchester’s The Red Stains with their seasonally flavoured new single Freezer Jesus. Reflecting the original 70’s DIY punk ethic, the song is confrontational and humour-filled at the same time. An ode to the 24/7 consumerism that even lockdown can’t prevent, the tune is spiky and matched with sawtooth vocals and barbed lyrics. ‘Well the joke’s on you ‘cause I’ve seen Jesus, he was buying chicken nuggets out an Iceland freezer’ is a Christmas couplet like no other; sing it in the shopping aisles and don’t go fighting over the last box of Ferrero Rocher.

The Red Stains


Outlaw Boogie – The Circle (single)

Hazy, trippy and slick round the edges, Outlaw Boogie releases the titular track as a precursor to his forthcoming EP The Circle. In the depths of a freezing winter, a journey back to the summer of love is a bit of a tonic right now. Outlaw Boogie is the pseudonym of London based Michael James Dent; already a respected producer, songwriter and performer. He says of the song, “The Circle is a tribute to a good friend who sadly passed in 2019. I wanted the song to act as a reminder that when somebody passes, they are still alive somewhere and even when you are walking home alone at night, that presence is always with you.”

The Circle EP is due for release on 15th January 2021.

Outlaw Boogie


Nightshift – Make Kin (single)

Whatever they’re feeding musicians in Glasgow at the moment, it continues to produce a seemingly steady stream of great artists and songs. Very much part of the local scene, Nightshift features members of indie peers Spinning Coin, 2 Ply and Robert Sotelo. They sound like they might be the hidden love-child of Duds and Dry Cleaning, combining layers of sound in a conflation of spoken word and tribal drumbeats. Their pending album from which Make Kin is taken has been pieced together remotely with band members creating and improvising their own sections, proof that quarantine needn’t stop creativity.

The album Zöe will be released on 26th February 2021 on Trouble in Mind Records.



Words by Siobhan
Photos via Silver PR, The Red Stains, One Beat PR

11th December 2020

EP Review – Dirty Freud: Love in the Backwater

Dirty Freud – Love in the Backwater 

Artist and producer Dirty Freud is making quite a name for himself, working with the likes of The Prodigy, Big Narstie and even godfather of everything, Iggy Pop. It’s unsurprising that his stamp is being sought out so widely given the refusal to stick to any one mainstream or underground genre, Freud’s blend of beats and dark electronica demands attention and provides a perfect platform to showcase the talents of others.

With three of the four tracks on this EP already released, it holds limited surprise for those already listening, however, the final packaged product is a fine collection with which to woo new ears.

Opening track Blood Bayou highlights the gorgeous tones of long-term collaborator Ruby Tingle’s vocals, think Jhené Aiko meets Karen O in a darkly lit club, with hypnotic synths and a smattering of opera filling the background. Flanked by previous singles Intentions (featuring Szou) and Moments, the title track Love in the Backwater proves worth the wait, telling the story of surviving a pandemic with a cool intensity that encompasses the entire EP.

From trip- hop to techno, dubstep to dance beats, there’s a whole plate of musical delicacies to pick from here. A skilfully unexpected EP for a wildly unexpected year, Love in the Backwater is released tomorrow, 11th December, via Modern Sky UK – pre-save here.

Words by Siobhan
Photos via Sonic PR

10th December 2020

Exhibition – Marge Bradshaw: Front of House (Online)

Front of House: A documentary photography series by Marge Bradshaw which aims to raise awareness of the devastating impact of Covid-19 on musicians in Greater Manchester and Lancashire

It’s been a tough year for the music industry and, whilst events are gradually opening up, the struggle is still very real. Photographer Marge Bradshaw told us how she is compiling a thought-provoking collection of images of musicians alongside their own individual stories…

Jo Byrne

“A world without live music feels like living in a house with no windows. Live music is uplifting, it’s nourishing, it’s social glue. It’s well and truly missed by me.”  – Rob Young (header photo)

According to the Music Venues Trust, over 550 grassroots music venues remain under immediate threat of closure, representing the potential permanent loss of over 5,000 jobs, over 100,000 concerts, over 300,000 performances by musicians, and over 1 million temporary employment opportunities for gig economy workers.

This evolving photographic series and resulting online exhibition aims to raise awareness of the scale and impact of this situation, and support musicians’ work. As someone who works in culture, music and events photography, I know the devastating outcomes faced by musicians, production and touring crews as well as everyone who relies on the grassroots sector.

Alongside each portrait you’ll find the personal stories of each musician, as well as links to their work and projects. Take a read, give them a follow and show your support.

 Conal Duffy

All photographs were taken working within Covid-19 restrictions using social distancing.

Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved in the series: I’m particularly interested in photographing those who are under-represented in the current gallery, especially women and people of colour. View the full gallery, including portraits and stories here.

 Geraldine Green

About the artist

Marge Bradshaw is an emerging documentary and social photographer based in Bolton. She started her photography career in 2018 after spending 20 years working in marketing and audience research roles in the cultural sector. Her artistic practice predominantly focuses on exploring people and place – often with a hidden story to tell. Drawing on her background in ethnographic research and inclusive practice, she captures authentic stories and involves her subjects in the creative process wherever possible. Alongside her creative projects, she works commercially as a music, events and family documentary photographer. Her work has previously been exhibited at the Science Museum, London and Museums Northumberland.

 Simon Sackey

Michael Thompson

All words and photos are © Marge Bradshaw. You can find more of Marge’s work across different genres, and contact details on her website, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

8th December 2020


Shopping Around

Whether you’re shopping for festive gifts or just want to treat yourself for getting through however many years it has been since the end of March, why not add in some goodwill to your favourite independent record shops and venues? As well as music and tickets (and do take a punt on gig tickets if you can afford it to help keep your local music scene afloat), there’s a whole bunch of merch available that looks great and is practical too. Here are some ideas from just a few of our favourite places; there are loads more options in store, by collection or online, and if we want to see our top choice shops and venues packed again like in the image above, they really need our support right now…

Grab a cool T for all the family, including the little ones, from Resident, Brighton’s vinyl emporium.

Keep your records sweet with a slipmat from Dig Vinyl in Liverpool.

Something for everyone here from a trio of top venues with a starry reusable cup from Barrowland, Glasgow, a trusty tote bag from Portsmouth’s Wedgewood Rooms and a fierce face mask from The Hope and Ruin, Brighton.

Wrap up warm with a cosy hat from Southsea’s Pie & Vinyl.

Finish up feeling hunky dory when you complete a classic album jigsaw from Crash Records in Leeds.

Take a look and give Santa a nudge in the right direction; buying direct from your favourite artists is great too. And feel free to let us know others you recommend to add to the list – happy shopping!

Words and header image © Siobhan
All merch images from venue/shop websites as linked in feature

3rd December 2020




Breaking Glass Magazine – December 2020

Breaking Glass Magazine – December 2020

Cover image Snow Huts © 16 Beasley St Photography

Here we are then at the end of the longest, oddest year I can remember. Thank you to everyone who’s helped keep Breaking Glass going this year; creative people are amazing at finding different avenues to explore when their usual sources are taken away. I hope you’ve all found ways to get by without flipping from ballerina to cyberspace and, more importantly, are staying safe and well.

We have end of year galleries coming on the website soon; there’s still time to submit your photos if you’d like. And if you’re hankering after some seasonal music that’s not too full of party poppers and saccharine, have a listen to the new Chilly Gonzales album.

Look after yourselves and the people around you and, to paraphrase Jarvis Cocker, let’s all meet up in the year 2021…

Words and photos © Siobhan

1st December 2020