Live – Interstellar Food Drive at The Dockyard Club Portsmouth

Interstellar Food Drive, The Dockyard Club Portsmouth, 9th November 2019

Gathering together a wealth of local talent, this year’s Interstellar Food Drive made its home at the Dockyard Club to host a day of live music and art installations. In return, all that was asked for the ticket price was a donation to Portsmouth’s Food Bank. It’s a worrying, ongoing phenomenon that people have to rely on food banks for survival but they’re a resource that is still very much needed in a lot of communities across the country. Put together through the collaboration of Strong Island Recordings, Velvet Candy, Crocodile Nightmares, Pie & Vinyl and Calamity Cratediggers, the day proved again to be an innovative way to raise awareness and supplies. Check out our gallery below…

You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons



Dad Hair

The Gary 7

Photos by Hannah Mesquitta

18th November 2019