Best of 2019 – Calling all Photographers!

Best Shots of 2019 – call for submissions 

Well, it’s that time of year again… a chance to reflect on the highlights of 2019 and share them with the world! There will, no doubt, be lots of end of year lists kicking around – let’s be honest, they’ve been appearing for at least a month already. However, given that our content largely champions music and photography, we’d like our ‘lists’ to be more visual than analytical (also can’t remember what happened yesterday, never mind all year!)

Fairly soon after our launch last year we compiled Best Music Shots of 2018 which included gig and festival photos from around the world and was a really popular feature so… we’re bringing it back this year plus, if there’s enough interest, a similar feature for non live music related shots – portraits, landscapes, street photography, whatever you like. You’re welcome to take part in either or both. It’s really simple to submit; the only hard part is that it’s ONE photo only per feature so start scrolling through your albums and choose wisely…

Category A : Live Music – your shot must be of an artist or band performing live – if you have music related shots that are portraits, crowd shots, etc, these can be sent in to the other category.

Photos clockwise from left: 16 Beasley St, Sam Ryan, Mik Connor

Category B : General – any subject matter and style can be included; please ensure that your shots do not contain anything generally regarded as offensive or prohibited on social media and that you have the permission of the subject for any portrait shots.

Photos clockwise from left: Nigel King, Tim Beavis, Derek Rickman

Both categories: Max of one shot per category – please don’t send multiple shots and ask us to choose! Colour, black and white, portrait, landscape, square are all fine. You can choose to include a watermark or not; all we ask is that, if you do, please try to keep it fairly small and subtle. It doesn’t matter if you’re professional, amateur or just take photos here and there for the fun of it – as long as it’s a clear shot that will cope with being enlarged on screen – it would be lovely to have a selection across the board.

Photos left to right: Joe McKillop, Hannah Mesquitta

All you need to do is email your chosen shot with the subject as Best of 2019 to by the closing date 3rd  December 2019 with the following details:

– Name of artist / band or title of shot
– Venue / location and / or other details as appropriate
– Month taken
– How you would like to be credited (first name / full name / professional or website name, etc)
– Max of 4 online links to your work (website / social media, etc)

By submitting you give us permission to include your shot(s) in an online feature and use to promote this and related posts on the website and social media. All images remain under your ownership and copyright and this will be stated in the feature with clear details of who the photographer is for each shot. Features will be published during December 2019.

You can check out 2018’s Best Music Shots here – the music and non-music features this year will take a similar format.

Any questions at all, please just ask. Look forward to hearing from you!

Photos left to right: Ryan Bell, Alan Campbell

Header photos:
Top left to right – 16 Beasley St, Irena Siwiak Atamewan, Juanita Mackenzie

Bottom left to right – Hannah Mesquitta, Robert H King, Alan Campbell

7th November 2019