New Music – Frankie Cosmos, Fast Trains (Ban Summers Remix), SadGirl

New releases – Frankie Cosmos, Fast Trains (Ban Summers Remix), SadGirl

A single, a remix and an album – if you’re looking for some fresh new music we have all bases covered. Take 10 minutes of your time to sit back and enjoy the enchanting sounds and visuals of this latest selection of new music…

Frankie Cosmos – Windows

Ahead of new album Close it Quietly due out on 6th September, Frankie Cosmos release lead track Windows, a charming showcase for the melodic vocals of Greta Kline and scene-setter for the album and tour dates later in the year. Greta explains ‘This song takes place during the waiting period of healing, not knowing how to proceed or how to find the path to forgiveness. The inner versus the outer – learning to see yourself as part of the whole.’ Reflective, winsome pop to lighten your day, take a look at the video for Windows here…

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Fast Trains – Measure by Measure (Ban Summers Remix)

Many a kind word has been rightly spoken about Fast Trains, the new project from songwriter and producer Tom Wells. Taking a new twist on the soft psychedelia looped guitars and vocals of recent release Measure by Measure, Edward Perry, aka Ban Summers, has remixed the track, adding different layers and a hint of industrialisation. Whether we have a new Portsmouth supergroup in the making or this is a one off collaboration, it makes for a refreshing listen and is a solid introduction to both artists if you’re not familiar with them already…

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SadGirl – Water

The LA trio’s new album Water is out now, made up of a series of recording sessions from the last two years using a variety of tape machines in different environments including home and studio recordings. Released back in April, Chlorine offers an insight into the story-telling encompassed in the new tracks, with more than a leaning towards early Marc Bolan vocals and a video portraying the fine line between innocence and toxicity. Hazy, soulful tunes aplenty, get a taster by checking out the video for Chlorine here…

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Words by Siobhan
Frankie Cosmos header photo © Jackie Lee Young

24th June 2019