Interview – Sonic Jesus

Formed in Italy in 2012, Sonic Jesus achieved early critical acclaim through recordings with Fuzz Club Records, a split single with The Black Angels and sharing stages with the likes of Damo Suzuki and Singapore Sling. Due for release on 30th November, new album Memories offers a perspective on the story so far and presents a collection of subtly psych-laden tracks full of experiment and atmosphere. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Tiziano Veronese told us how the album evolved and hinted at things to come…

Your new album Memories is due for release at the end of November – how long has it taken to put together and what can everyone expect?

Memories is an album of demo songs collected between 2010 and 2015, it has been 5 years of writing that led to 45 demos of which only 14 were taken into consideration.

It is a real collection of rarities which show the real truth behind the creation of a song. There is nothing more beautiful than to make people know, especially to fans, what’s been the leading path in building the sound of Sonic Jesus.

Each song contains some of the most important moments in my life where I explored sonorities, elaborating all the joints between instruments I was playing for the first time. I was really looking at something totally new to me, looking for my own sound.

Tell us about your lead single from the album – The Klas

I wrote The Klas the very same day my red Farfisa was delivered. Drums, bass guitar, organ, all the other guitars and of course the voice, all that you hear was played by me. I’m a loner, I’ve never asked anyone to help me dealing with the composition and recording. I rely a lot on other musicians to play my music live and trust them to bring out the best version of it on stage.

Which other artists have you been listening to or seen live lately?

Lately I attended the concerts of Ennio Morricone, Devendra Banhart and Timber Timbre, who are all artists I dig. I actually listen to many different kinds of music, especially folk and electronic.

You’re setting out to play across Europe shortly – is there a difference in how crowds react to you in different countries?

Yes, there is a big difference, such as the way the stage is set and the connection that arises with the audience. Generally speaking the small-medium venues are the ones that excite me more as people are closer to you and you can really get the warmest vibes. It is very important for me to get out of the studio and look at how the people react while listening to my songs… I get their emotions and sometimes it’s such a thrill, food for the soul.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

Apart from music, I practise Tai-Chi, a discipline that is fundamental to get body and mind synchronised. I read and often I escape from the city by taking long walks in the woods or very isolated mountain places. I love being alone.

And what are your plans and hopes for 2019?

I moved to Sheffield a few months ago and since I arrived I immediately started writing. Some of this music will flow into Sonic Jesus’ new album, that’s for sure, but I can’t hide that another project is on its way… can’t say more!

Sonic Jesus will be playing live at The Shacklewell Arms in London on 30th November and at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe on 2nd December prior to a string of European dates. You can listen to The Klas now  and pre-order Memories on vinyl here.

Interview by Siobhan, photos via Cabin Fever Collective PR

12th November 2018