Live – The Lovely Eggs | Rob Auton | Mush at The Haunt Brighton

The Lovely Eggs / Rob Auton / Mush, The Haunt Brighton, 27th Oct 2018

It’s always party time when The Lovely Eggs come to town and Saturday was no exception. Fittingly playing Halloween week at The Haunt in Brighton, Holly and David brought along a barrage of their trademark no nonsense punk tunes, plenty of humour and some solid support acts.

Kicking off proceedings, Mush warmed things up with a set full of psyched up indie guitars. Much lauded by Marc Riley, the Leeds four piece have been making waves playing with the likes of Ulrika Spacek and Drahla and were recently selected for the debut release on newly formed Dipped in Gold Recordings with Gig Economy, the social commentary running through their songs a smart match for the headliners.

Next up, comedian Rob Auton received a warm reception with his wry perspective on life and a carrier bag full of leaves… a brave move throwing stand up and poetry into the mix which paid off handsomely.

And so to The Lovely Eggs, a band whose form never seems to drop (and having seen David play a faultless set with pneumonia a couple of months back that’s a more than fair statement). The Eggs have a loyal fanbase and a host of infectious tracks. Imagine if The Ramones merged with The Photos, hit fast forward and spent the last decade in Lancaster and you’re on the way to getting the picture.

Serving up titles like Dickhead and People Are Twats, there’s no doubting the blunt aggression in their lyrics and performance but the atmosphere is a happy one with a real sense of community between the band and the crowd. With a room full of people singing along to Wiggy Giggy with the due reverence such a lyric demands, The Lovely Eggs prove once again that they really are a must see live act.

Keep up with what’s going on for The Lovely Eggs, Mush and Rob Auton. If you want to support The Lovely Eggs in their quest to save their local recording studio, Lancaster Music Co-Op, from threatened closure you can sign the petition here.

Words and photos by Siobhan

29th October 2018