Interview – LibraLibra

Fresh from causing a stir at Dials Festival and the release of their new single, LibraLibra are shaping up to be one of the most intriguing new bands around. Vocalist Beth gave us an insight into what makes them tick…

Everyone loved your set at Dials Festival – how was the day for you?

I absolutely loved the day and it was for a cause very close to my heart (raising money for Solent Mind) – I was so excited to see lots of people come and see us as we were first on, it was pouring with rain and we are still so new so I was expecting to be playing to no-one, haha – so that got us buzzing and then we got to fully enjoy ourselves for the rest of the day and see some of our fav new bands and friends play – Penelope Isles, Lice, Thyla & Tigercub particularly smashed it.

Best/worst experience playing live?

Haha, honestly I couldn’t pinpoint because I’ve had so many good times and so many bad times – but the bad ones make you good (I hope!)… what I mean is I will always remember the bad ones and with that I will do my best to learn from them! They get you good at problem solving on demand as during a performance you haven’t got time to dwell and acknowledge the mistake; you just need to keep going and instantly rectify. I always aim to learn from my mistakes, even though they can sting hard at the time.

When a performance is at its best, it is when I fully let go, when I’m not thinking, I’m just being.

Tell us about your new single Skin and Bone…

This song is definitely my younger self screaming through, kind of like a ghost from my past – I don’t know if mine was particularly normal, maybe it was and people just really don’t talk about how dark things can get. I’m still trying to come to terms with my past but writing and singing is what helps me cope with it, they help me bizarrely understand feelings I couldn’t understand before. Skin and Bone is definitely harping back to a lot of frustration and confusion revolving around growing up.

Which other artists are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been sessioning Sunns’ latest album Felt – I can’t recommend it enough. IDLES’ new album is pure fire. They’ve been around for a while now but I’ve been getting into Lilacs & Champagne – their self-titled album is on the list. Snapped Ankles are killing it too.

What’s happening for LibraLibra over the next few months?

Lots of exciting things are brewing! We have a few shows lined up in November:

9th Nov we are supporting Projector at The Haunt in Brighton
13th Nov we have just been announced to support Psychic TV at Heaven in London – this is a huge honour for us!
16th Nov we are in Manchester for Off The Record
29th Nov we are collaborating with one of Rachel Maclean’s pieces at the Zabludowicz Collection in London

On top of that, we are writing, recording and making more videos!

Last one, if you could have anyone cover one of your songs who would you choose?

Cher, please cover one of our songs…

Find out more about LibraLibra and watch the video for Skin and Bone right now…you won’t be disappointed

Interview and live photos from Dials Festival by Siobhan, promo photo via Stunt Girl Management

25th October 2018