Interview – Asylums

Surely one of the hardest working bands around, Asylums juggle touring and recording with running their own label and side projects in abundance. Their live shows are not to be missed, bursting with energy and masterful crowd surfing. Vocalist Luke Branch took time out of their hectic schedule to answer some questions for us…

What brought you together and keeps you together as a band?

I think what brought us together was friendship, it’s also what keeps us together. Asylums is not treated as a business really, it’s treated purely as a vehicle for expression and fun. We take the music seriously but never feel people will necessarily be paying attention. We have been fortunate that they have and that’s a beautiful by-product.

Which other artists are you listening to at the moment?

John Carpenter soundtracks, Shellac, 8 bit video game themes, J Mascis, The Horse Heads, a lot of demos for a new record.

Favourite venue you’ve played or want to play?

We had a great time in Germany last week for Reeperbahn Festival, the venue was called Kaiser Keller. I think we would love to sell out Scala within the next few years.

Who’s involved behind the scenes that we might not be aware of but deserves a shout out?

Thomas Mitchener has made two albums with us, Danny Watson is our manager and Mark McQuillan, who owns Republic of Music Distribution, has been a huge part of our story so far.

And what’s happening for Asylums in the next few months?

We have a few festivals left, Neighbourhood and 2Q and we are playing a headline show at Camden Assembly in November. We are also releasing some records by other bands on our Cool Thing Records label. I think we might work on a single with BAIT, our side project…then we are going to disappear for a bit and work up a new record.

Message to the world?

You can only take with you what you leave behind.

Asylums latest album, Alien Human Emotions, is available on Cool Thing Records. Pending live dates are Neighbourhood Festival Manchester – 6 October, 2Q Festival Lincoln – 3 November, Camden Assembly Hall – 9 November.

Interview and photos from Rough Trade East by Siobhan

4th October 2018